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Callender, Rev. John, was born in Boston in 1706, and was the nephew of Rev. Elisha Callender. In early youth he evinced unusual intellectual ability, and it was deemed best by his friends that he should have a liberal education. His pre?paratory studies having been completed he entered Harvard College, where he availed himself for his pecuniary support of the Hollis foundation. He was graduated in the class of 1723. A few years after his graduation he was ordained as co-pastor, in Newport, R. I., with Rev. William Peckham, succeeding in this relation that gifted young preacher, Rev. John Comer. His ordination took place Oct. 13, 1731. Few Baptist ministers of his times were better educated than Mr. Callender. He was held in high respect in the community in which he lived, which at that time was among the most cultivated in New England. His best known work as an author is a ?Historical Dis?course on the Civil and Religious Affairs of the Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantation from the First Settlement in 1638 to the End of the First Century.? An edition of this valuable discourse was prepared with great care by Rev. Romeo Elton, D.D., and forms one of the volumes of the Rhode Island Historical Society?s collections. It is regarded as standard authority in the matters of which it treats. Mr. Callender collected also many papers, which Rev. Mr. Backus found to be of great service to him in the preparation of his history of the Baptists. Mr. Callender died Jan. 26, 1748.

Cathcart's Baptist Encyclopedia, 1883

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