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History of the Churches of the Pittsburgh Baptist Association

by William Pankey


Among the first settlers of Jeannette were a few Baptists who had moved there from Pittsburgh, where they had been members of the Union Baptist Church. These and others became interested in the establishment of a Baptist Sunday school—which in the year 1890 was organized as an independent Baptist church. Approximately thirty charter members constituted the original membership.

The first house of worship was a small wooden chapel, erected in 1890. Twelve years later a basement was dug under the building, and this was used for Sunday school purposes. The parsonage was erected in 1894. On October 10, 1924, the church edifice was destroyed by fire. Two days later the congregation met and voted to rebuild the edifice immediately. On June 6, 1926, the new $125,000 church was dedicated. The present membership is 314.

The following ministers have served the church:

Rev. George B. McKee, Rev. F. H. Sherman, Rev. Samuel V. Marsh, Rev. T. W. Booth, Rev. D. C. White, Rev. Cyrus Christian, Rev. A. B. Conrad, Rev. J. C. Lauderbaugh, Rev. L. T. Evans, Rev. H. E. Shade, Rev. R. A. Stoltz, Rev. Alvin C. Cober, Rev. G. B. Hemans, and Rev. George E. Thornton (1938 ).

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