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History of the Churches of the Pittsburgh Baptist Association

by William Pankey


In 1819, a non-denominational meeting-house was erected in the city of McKeesport on a parcel of ground donated by Mr. John McKee. On June 3, 1820, the Baptist people of the community met and organized a church. The Rev. William Stone was chairman of this organization meeting. The recorded meeting was held on August 5, 1820, at w^hich time it was decided to administer the ordinance of the Lord's Supper quarterly.

The church was admitted into the Pittsburgh Baptist Association April 10, 1841, with a membership of fifty. One year later, the membership had more than doubled. The first edifice was dedicated December 25, 1868. In 1887 the West Side Mission was established. The present church edifice was dedicated June 19, 1904. It is located on the corner of Olive and Locust Streets. Rev. Calvin F. Hamilton and Miss Edna Oden have gone out from the church into Christian service. The present membership is 908.

The following ministers have served the church (the list of those prior to 1870 is unavailable):

Eev. William McKinney (1870-1875), Rev. William Codville (1876-1891), Rev. J. A. Maxwell (1896-1906), Rev. A. A. DeLarme (1906-1916), Rev. Edward Babcock (1916-1920), Rev. James Braker (1920-1924), Rev. P. H. Lynch (1924-1936), Rev. Arthur B. Strickland (1936-1939).

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