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History of the Churches of the Pittsburgh Baptist Association

by William Pankey


The First Baptist church, Sewickley, was organized in Mozart Hall, Sewickley, April 27, 1873, with twenty-five charter members. Rev. B. F. Woodburn, pastor of the Sandusky Street Baptist Church, Pittsburgh, preached the sermon. A complete communion service set was presented to the church by W. C. Cooper, who was a member of the Sandusky Street church.

Shortly after 1878, the church decided to disband. The lot that had been purchased was sold and the pulpit furniture and organ given to the First Baptist church, Braddock. In 1888 the church became active again and cooperated with the Fair Oaks Baptist Church in the calling of a pastor to serve both churches. Plans for a church building were started in 1888. The dedicatory service took place, June 2, 1889. The recorded baptismal service was January 12, 1890, when five candidates followed their Lord in baptism. The present membership is eighty-five.

The following ministers have served the church:

Rev. J. E. Craig (1873-1878), Rev. John M. Scott (1888-1891), Rev. John Moody (1891-1896), Rev. William H. McKinney (1897-1902), Rev. Charles McFall (1902-1903), Rev. H. B. Rankin (1903- 1907), Rev. A. M. Stewart (1908-1909), Rev. Herbert Agate (1909-1917), Rev. H. S. Jones (1918-1920), Rev. J. S. Stone (1920-1931), Rev. W. H. F. Jones (1931-1933), Rev. James G. Williams (1933-1936), Rev. H. C. Bartholomew (1936 ).

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