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History of the Churches of the Pittsburgh Baptist Association

by William Pankey


Baptist work among the Hungarians in the Homestead vicinity was started by Mrs. Amelia K. Paulinyi and Mr. Nicholas Dulity. In 1906, regular worship services were conducted in a chapel in Rankin. This work later grew into the Rankin Christian Center. Financial assistance was given by the American Baptist Home Mission Society.

In 1907 the Hungarian work was transferred to Homestead where the First Hungarian Baptist Church of Homestead was organized, February 14, 1907—with forty-five members. The following year the congregation moved into the church building previously occupied by the First Baptist Church of Homestead, where it still conducts its worship. Missionary work has also been carried on in McKeesport and Canonsburg, resulting in the organization of a church in both communities.

Four members of the congregation have entered the Christian ministry. The church has furnished much leadership to the Hungarian work throughout the world. Miss Mary Meereis and Mrs. Amelia K. Paulinyi were its missionaries over a long period of years.

The following ministers have served the church:

Rev. Frank Balogh (1906-1910), Rev. Stephen Groza (1911-1913), Rev. Louis Stiunpf (1913-1915), Rev. Nicholas Papp (1916-1918), Rev. Arthur Stiunpf (1919-1931), Rev. John Petruzsan (1931- 1933), Rev. Edwin L. Kautz (1933-1937), Rev. Nicholas Kovacs (1938 ).

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