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A History of the True Church traces the history of the Sabbath-keeping Church of God from its inception in the First Century to the Twentieth Century. Written from a non-technical perspective, this popular history has shaped the understanding of Church history of the various groups comprising the Church God (Seventh Day), the Worldwide Church of God, and Assemblies of Yahweh. These Bible believers have a spiritual kinship with those in past centuries who observed the seventh day Sabbath, and opposed the Church of Rome.

From the Waldenses, who flourished in the Alps during the Dark and Middle Ages, to the Sabbatarian Baptists in England, to the Adventist Movement of the Nineteenth Century, the true faith has come down to us through persecution and bloodshed. The authors state, "God has not been without witness in every generation of the gospel age . . . As we look back upon the faithfulness and martyrdom of those, who in past ages witnessed for the faith once delivered to the saints' of God, how it should inspire us, the remnant of the children of the woman driven into the wilderness, to devoutly adore Him the true God, and uphold the pristine gospel of Christ for which saints in all generations have willingly died.

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