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Explaining The Name

  After having lived in Israel for nearly fifteen years among people from nearly one hundred different countries, and as many languages, we feel saddened to learn that our beloved Messiah, and mighty Creator are called by almost as many different names as there are languages. This surely is not pleasing to them, or to the Holy Angels of their presence.

These two holy ones Who rule the heavens and the earth have each a name, and not all of this great confusion of Gentile names.

We read "Who hath established the ends of the earth. What is His name, and what is His son's name?" Proverbs 30:4. These names are in the Hebrew language.

As this history is being re-printed using photography, photographing each page, the Gentile words will have to be used for their names, and we do so with this explanation, trusting that each reader will make this a prayerful study, because when He hath redeemed Jerusalem, His people will know His name, Isaiah 52:6 to 9, Psalms 91:14, also 69:35, 36.

-- A.N. Dugger

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