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Louisiana Negro




        This venerable servant of God was born in Lee County, Ga., February 23, 1841. His mother's name was Charlotte and his further's name was (?) Allen. After the death of his owner, Mr. Joseph B. Bond, in 1859, he, with other slaves, was brought to Albany, Ga., where he was sold to the highest bidder. A man by the name of S. P. Corbin bought him in 1860, and brought him to Louisiana. Immediately after the surrender in 1865 he came to Shreveport, La.

        Bishop Allen was converted June 16th, 1866 and baptized into the membership of Antioch Baptist Church by Elder John Jones, who was Antioch's first pastor. So filled with the Holy Ghost was he when he was first converted he preached the Word on the streets at Shreveport, and everywhere he went and to everybody. Being adjudged crazy he was put in jail, but like Paul in the Philippian prison he preached the jailer off his feet, so to speak, and the doors were opened unto him when he walked out. From that day to this he has been preaching the gospel with power. The writer knows personally of his worth as a New Testament preacher, because after his conversion through the influence of this good man he was baptized into the membership of the Antioch Baptist Church, which was pastored by Elder Allen twelve years. He was licensed to preach December 24, 1868, during the pastorate of Bishop Julius Chambers, who succeeded Elder John Jones to the pastorate of Antioch. After the death of Pastor Chambers and when Bishop Jones was re-called to Antioch's pastorate, Brother Allen was still faithfully serving his, and continued his service as church clerk to the death of Elder Jones, February 23, 1877.

        The pastoral mantle fell this time on the subject of this sketch, after a rigid examination by four competent Elders, namely, Bishops J. A. Hacket and George Tucker (white), and Thomas Christian and Joseph Nelson (colored). He wore this mantle with dignity and honor to the end of his ministry at Antioch, and also at the other churches pastored since leaving Antioch. He wears it becomingly today. He carried Antioch's enrollment from a small number to 515 before resigning June 24, 1889. In 1897, when he was elected as one of the State's Missionaries, which office he has filled for sixteen years with credit to himself and to the delight of his brethren.

        He was married the first time January 27, 1867, to Miss Hester Ann Williams by Elder H. P. James. This union was blessed with nine children―seven boys and two girls. This wife left for heaven October, 1884, after a well spent life, and, as it were, after hearing the blessed applaudit, "Well done, thou good and faithful servant." Mrs. Winnie Carr is Elder Allen's second wife, whom he married February 2, 1885, at Antioch Baptist Church, Bishop Thomas Christian officiating. Since their marriage they have lived happily together, nobly upholding their matrimonial vow. At this writing Brother Allen is 72 years old and is active in the ministry. Not a better doctrinal preacher lives in Louisiana today. He is orthodox to the core. For many years he has been honored by his brethren and held as President of the Minister's and Deacon's meeting of the Thirteenth District. Pioneer work done by him places him in the front ranks not only of Louisiana Baptists, but of Baptists throughout these United States.


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