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Louisiana Negro




        Mr. William and Mrs. Jane Carter were the parents of the subject of this sketch. Brother Carter was born July 4th, 1858. Louisiana is his native state. Though born a slave, he was blessed with enough innate vim and push to start to the front, and when the opportunity came, he attended the following schools: Wiley University, Marshall, Texas, Straight and Leland Universities, New Orleans, La. He made a good record at these institutions, being at one time a student teacher at Leland.

        He was converted and baptised into the membership of the St. John Baptist Church, Mansfield, La., in 1878. Bishop Henry Jackson baptised him. In 1888, Bishop Carter was ordained to the work of the Ministry, and called to pastor St. Peter Baptist Church, Pelican, La. The following year he was elected Corresponding Secretary of the Louisiana Baptist State Convention, and served successfully for 20 years.

        The following churches have been successfully pastored by him: Cross Road, 5 years; Mary Magdalene, 4 years; Stonewall, 3 years; May-flower, 7 years; Friendship, 1 year; Morning-glory, 26 years; and Goodhope, Keachie, La., 24 years. At present (1914) Elder Carter pastors the last two mentioned churches and the Oakland Baptist Church, Shreveport, La. He has been honored by the 13th District Association by a four-time election to the Moderatorship. During this time he recommended the establishment of the 13th District Academy in one of his annual messages. He holds the following positions of trust at present: Member State Executive Board; Vice-President Louisiana Baptist State Convention; Member Executive Board 13th District Association; and Editor News-Enterprise, one of the leading Negro newspapers of the State.

        Bishop Carter married Miss Jessie Gaskin in 1875. This union has been blessed with nine children, four of whom have graduated from the Normal Course and others are pursuing their course in school. While Bishop Carter has been busy "fighting the Wolf at the door" of his home, he has been blessed with a queenly woman on the inside who has made success possible for him. He removed recently from Mansfield, and is now enjoying life in his new home in Shreveport, La. A picture of his beautiful residence appears elsewhere in this volume.


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