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        This veteran preacher and editor was born of Mr. Nero and Mrs. Malinda Davidson, October 31, 1862, at Nealsboro, Rapides Parish, Louisiana. The first school he attended was in a little log cabin M. E. Church on Williamson's Creek Parish of Rapides, 1869-72. Next he attended a public school at Greenwood, Laftlore County, Miss., to which place his parents moved in 1873. Young Davidson also attended a Missionary school during the summer months. From Greenwood he removed to New Orleans, January, 1878, where he attended night school at Straight University.

        During the winter of 1869, Brother Davidson was converted on Williamson's Creek and followed the M. E. Church regularly although he refused to join. After earnestly, carefully and prayerfully reading his Bible, he became convinced that the Baptist way was the right way, and in 1878 was baptized into the membership of St. Mark Fourth Baptist Church, New Orleans, by Bishop R. H. Steptoe. Impressed of his call to the ministry he began the work of preparation. He studied under Dr. H. C. Green, President Bothwell of Columbia University, attended theological lectures delivered by the late President E. C. Mitchell, of Leland University; later he studied under J. Lewis Smith, A. M., D. D., LL. D., and attended the Washington University, Tacoma, Wash.

        Bishop Davidson has held the following churches: St. John, Dorseyville, La.; St. Matthew, New Orleans, La., 1889-1902; First Baptist Church, Mandeville, La.; Starlight, Slidell, La.; Zion, Ponchatoula, La.; Olivet, Tacoma, Wash.; Mt. Herob, Greenville, Miss., 1905; First Baptist, Cairo, Ill., 1907; Centralia, Centralia, Ill., 1908; First Baptist, Metropolis, Ill.; Trinity, Shreveport, 1910; Shiloh, Alexandria, La. He now pastors at Leesville, La. Elder Davidson has edited the following papers: The Teller, 1890; the New Orleans Tribune, 1891-1902; Tacoma Tribune, 1903-04; the Bulletin, Greenville, Miss., 1905-06; the Tribune, Centralia, Ill., 1908-09; The Christian Herald, Mound City, Ill., 1909-10, and Louisiana Baptist, 1910-11.

        As a preacher Dr. Davidson is fearless and progressive and preaches "a what saith the Lord" Gospel. As an editor and writer he is conscientious and bold. In the language of the lamented Dr. Wm. J. Simons, "Some men are often brave from experience with arms and the scenes of war; others because of the recklessness of life, and a dare-devil spirit, and still others are born for deeds of bravery and glide easily to places of danger as if led by unerring instinct; they are bold, aggressive, determined and venturesome." Such a man as the last is Bishop Davidson, when it comes to driving the quill. When editing the New Orleans Tribune, he was the gamest Negro editor in Louisiana. He has and is accomplishing much.


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