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Louisiana Negro




        No man in the state has done more for our Baptist Zion than Elder John H. Flemings. He was born in St. Landry Parish in 1852. In 1872 he was converted at the early age of 20 years. This pioneer came along when intellectual darkness hung like a pall over his pathway, but being made of the proper kind of metal with plenty of push and energy he pushed his way to the front. Although deprived of early training he seized every opportunity freedom brought him to improve, and very soon he was able to read the "King's English" and God's Holy Word. In 1882 he passed a very creditable examination and was ordained to the gospel ministry. His first pastorate was Good Hope Baptist Church, Algiers, La. Following he pastored successfully Mt. Olive and Mt. Carmel Baptist Churches. He was the honored pastor twenty-nine years of the first church to which he was called, serving until he left for Heaven. For more than twenty-three years he stood at his post, weathering many storms as Moderator of the First District Association. During these years this body has done a work that mortal tongue will never tell fully The District fosters and maintains an Old Folks Home which has done much in soothing the sorrows and alleviating the sufferings of our poor old mothers. Bishop Flemings now rest from his labors and his good works do follow him.

                         "Servant of God, well done,
                         Rest from thy loved employ,
                         The battle fought, the victory won,
                         Enter thy Master's joy."


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