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Louisiana Negro




        Of the many great men born in the state of Virginia, none are greater than Bishop Flood. He was born in 1855. Shortly after the death of his father, in Washington, D. C., he was brought with other slaves to the state of Alabama at the early age of six years. He was reared in this state near Uniontown, and while in slavery was owned by a Mr. W. H. Taylor. Being a slave he had meager opportunities to learn, but whenever a chance to learn came his way he would seize it.

        In 1871 he was converted and baptized into the membership of the First Colored Baptist Church of Uniontown, Alabama, by Bishop John Dozier, D. D. Brother Flood left Alabama in 1874, removing to Louisiana, where he was admitted to membership, by letter, to the Cloudy Creek Baptist Church, Elder H. A. Scates, pastor. The church being impressed by his knowledge of his call to preach, licensed him in 1881. After the death of Elder Scates the church elected him pastor in 1882. March 19th, 1875, he married Miss Emma R. Bolden.

        Bishop Flood was continuously in the pastorate for more than 27 years. During this time he served the Tenth District Association as Missionary for two years; and also two years as Treasurer. The efficient service rendered by him in these offices won for him the abiding respect of his brethren. In 1892 when they found their Moderator's chair vacant and that they needed a man who would

                         "Dare to be a Daniel,
                         Dare to stand alone,
                         Dare to have a purpose true
                         And dare to make it known,"

they found such a man in the person of Elder Auder Back Flood, whom they elected Moderator. He filled this office with credit to himself and denomination until he left to join the Great Association on High. He served as President of the Louisiana Baptist State Convention creditably seven years and four months. This was the highest position within the gift of his brethren. Both his District and the Convention wrought well under his leadership.

        The successful operation of an excellent District High School at Monroe, under the management of Prof. M. J. Foster, B. A., and the harmony prevailing throughout his District attest the fact that he had marked executive ability. Elder Flood was indeed a great preacher and builder, having erected five houses of worship at a cost of from $500 to $5,000. He baptized 2,100 souls and married about 350 couples. Sometime after his wife's death, he was joined in holy wedlock to Mrs. Ella A. Rushing, one of Louisiana's best women. They lived happily together until he heard the blessed applaudit "Well done, thou good and faithful servant, thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things, enter thou into the joys of thy Lord."


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