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        Brother Henry was born in 1868 of Mr. Charley and Mrs. Margret Henry. After conversion, he was baptized into the membership of the Wood Chapel Baptist Church, Cedartown, La. In 1887 his church being convinced of his call to preach set him apart to the work. He was baptized by Elder J. H. Jackson.

        Notwithstanding his educational advantages were meager, he had enough iron in his blood to push himself upward. After reaching school age he picked up what learning he could here and there until he was blessed with the opportunity to enter Ruston Normal Institute, where he studied hard under Professor I. S. Powell, B. A., and graduated from the Normal Course 1904. Principal Powell has the following to say of him: "He is now a successful minister and pastor, having been divinely called to preach the gospel and after pastoring several churches a number of years, he felt it necessary to make fuller preparation for his calling. He therefore entered this school where he applied himself zealously and finally graduated with honors. He was the first to enroll as a theological student when that department was attached to our school, and studied God's Word faithfully for three and a half years. He has built more church houses than any other one minister in this section. His terms of pastorate tell how successful a pastor he is, having presided over one church 23 years. The terms of his other churches range from five to eight years. He has baptized 1,050 converts. In 1905, he was elected Moderator of the Gum Spring Association and has presided over it from that time to this (1913). He with his earnest helpers has long struggled to foster education. Through his influence the Association has adopted this school, and under his leadership with the co-operation of his staff of officers and with God as the sovereign power, the school will achieve success."

        It is clear from Prof. Powell's statement that Bishop Henry has wrought well and accomplished much good religiously, having served his brethren as Secretary, Treasurer and Moderator, and having served the following churches: Woodlawn, Wood Chapel, Pine Grove, Hopewell, Lincoln Parish; Hopewell, Union Parish; Blooming Grove, Harmony, Jerusalem, Chapel Hill, Providence, St. John, Palestine and Pilgrim's Rest.


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