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        About 1847 in Culpepper County, Virginia, Bishop Isaac Albert Carter was born. He came into this state in 1858 and settled in Mansfield, Louisiana, Desoto Parish. In 1859 he was converted and baptised into the membership of the White Baptist Church, Mansfield, La. Pastor McCivie (white) baptised him, in 1862.

        Elder Carter came to Shreveport in 1866, and began holding prayer meetings on Sunday evenings with Sister Hannah Battle, Sister Priscilla Coursey, Brother Billy Lewis and others. From these meetings Antioch Church was organized, other colored members from the White Baptist Church joining them in the organization. Deacon John Howell of the White Baptist Church urged this organization and advised the Negro members of the White Church to unite with Brother Carter's prayer meeting crowd and set up the First Colored Baptist Church of Shreveport, now known as the Antioch Baptist Church.

        Bishop Carter was ordained to the deaconate of Antioch about 1870. After serving 8 years, he resigned to take charge of the St. John Baptist Church, Mansfield, La., being ordained to the work of the ministry, May 24, 1879 by Elders: Josiah Jones, Isaiah Jones, (col) and J. A. Hackett (white). Brother Carter was called to the Pastorate of the Evergreen Baptist Church, Shreveport in 1882. It was then a small membership of about 40, worshipping in a little rented fish shop on Texas Avenue and Jordan Street. His successful labors have brought this membership to about 400. He has led them out of the little fish house successfully through 30 or more years into one of the best frame structures in the state. He has pastored St. John at Mansfield more than 30 years. During this time he has erected two houses of worship, the second being the beautiful frame building in which they now meet for service. Elder Carter secured the services of the writer to preach the dedication sermon when they entered their new building in 1896. He has baptised, perhaps, more than 600 happy souls into the membership of these two churches. The 13th District accomplished its great work educationally and otherwise during his 21 years of dauntless and successful leadership. He labored for 21 years, "the greatest Roman of them all."


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