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        Brother Simon Daniel Nance was born of Mr. Simon and Mrs. Martha Nance in Walker County, Texas not far from Huntsville, June, 1844. His father was of pure African blood; his mother was half Indian.

        After the death of his owner?Captain Black?Elder Nance was brought to Mississippi. At the outbreak of the Civil War he ran away and joined the Federal Army. After the war he married Miss Amelia M. Pierce in 1871. Their union has been blessed. Miss Maggie Nance, their daughter, has developed into a splendid young woman, and serves at this writing as one of Tuskegee Institute's best teachers.

        As to Elder Nance's schooling; he spent 5 days in school, so meager were his opportunities in those dark days. And yet with practically no schooling he forged his way to the front. On the 2nd Sunday in October, 1873, after conversion he was baptised into the membership of the Antioch Baptist Church by Elder John C. Williams, and January 9th, 1879 he was ordained by Elders John Carter, Ambrose Harris, and Caroline Weal.

        While Pastor of Mt. Carmel Baptist Church, which grew out of a prayer meeting on his gallery commenced in 1881, he was elected Moderator of what is now the 4th District Association, which position he creditably held 19 years. Elder Nance was member and secretary of District Educational Board 9 years and Missionary 8 years. He has pastored the following churches: Mount Carmel, St. Paul No. 2, Antioch, Mt. Zion, Macedonia, Magnolia, Bethlehem, Mt. Pilgrim, Beech Hill, Little Antioch, Belladonia and Cypress Grove. The Association presided over by Elder Nance was organized in 1883 under the name?First Regular Baptist Association by the following brethren and others.: Elders Daniel Dorsey, Isaac Langdon, Logan Peterson, Sam Tucker, George Tilly, Ruffin Thornton, Major Hamilton and Henry Hewley. No Pioneer in the state has labored harder and more zealously for the race and the Master's cause than Bishop Simon Daniel Nance.


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