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        May 15, 1857, in Desota Parish, Louisiana, there was born Elder Andrew Henry Samuels, son of Mr. and Mrs. Cato Samuels.

        The real progress of Bishop Samuels began with his conversion. Like Isaiah, a live coal touched his tongue when he realized his call to tell the "Story of the Cross." This he has been doing with power and telling effect. In the Thirteenth District he is known as the "Silver-Tongue Orator." Being born a slave, his opportunities for schooling were few, but by dint of perseverance in study he has pushed on and today stands among the denominational leaders in the state.

        He was ordained in 1888, and since that time has served with marked success the following churches: St. Rest Baptist Church, St. Luke Baptist Church, Red Chute Baptist Church and Willow Chute Baptist Church, Shreveport, La., and Union Mission Baptist Church, Waskom, Texas. He has been managing-editor of the News Enterprise for years. He is and has been deeply interested in the education of the children of his race. Like a stone wall Bishop Samuels stood with the writer and others in the work of founding and developing the Thirteenth District Academy. There was not a man in the District who held the principal's arm higher than did Elder Samuels. He has been chairman of the Education Board for more than fifteen years.

        In 1875 he and Miss Esther Chew were united in holy wedlock. Through life's combats and shifting scenes, they have guarded the matrimonial vow and today (1914) are together in their cozy little home on Christian street, Shreveport, La., in which city he has lived for thirty-six years, enjoying the confidence and respect of his white and colored friends. The St. Rest Baptist Church edifice, the last church building erected by Brother Samuels, is one of the most beautiful frame buildings in the state―"a thing of beauty and a joy forever."

        Bishop Samuels has been recently elected Moderator of the Thirteenth District Association, one of our largest associations. He gives promise of much more usefulness.


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