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Louisiana Negro




        Brother Wright is among the oldest pioneers of the state. He was born in Montgomery County, Alabama, December 2, 1837. He has the following to say concerning his early start in preaching: "When I was six years old the white people gave me a suit of clothes for preaching. They saw in me the work of the ministry." When Elder Bryant was only 17 years old he was fully inducted into the ministerial fold. Leaving Alabama he came to Louisiana, and took his place among the first gospel preachers of the state. He not only did pioneer work in Louisiana, but pushed his way into Texas; and in those early, perilous times preached the Word with power and demonstration at Marshall, Marion County, and Douglass Mill, Ark. He preached the Word with much acceptance along the Red River coast at Alexandria and other points, on steam boats and on land, thereby setting up several of the state's first churches. Elder Wright, like many others of our pioneer fathers, did great and abiding work.

        He organized many of the first Sunday-schools, and therefore stands among the first Sunday-school superintendents, thus opening the door for the young superintendent of today. In those early times many souls were converted unto God through his preaching, and baptized into the membership of the state's first churches. On one occasion at the risk of his life he broke the ice in December, plunged into the icy waters and baptized five happy souls. On another occasion for preaching and standing for what he preached his life was threatened. He says: "One man made three shots at me and never hit me, and walked off a piece and said, 'I will kill you.' I told him to shoot ahead. His will was my pleasure." This veteran was hidden behind "The Blood," and was safely wrapped in the folds of "The Blood-Stained Banner," and could not be shot. He was protected (Matt. 18:6). He accomplished much in his day.


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