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Author's Preface


Our aim is to believe and follow the Word of God, the Bible. Should any Brethren find error in our views as expressed herein, we ask that they show us our error BY THE WORD OF GOD, and we pledge to mend our error as God may give us grace. If the church views expressed in this book are correct and therefore cannot be refuted by the Bible, we invite all true Brethren to join with us and with that great host of departed "Anabaptist" witnesses in following Christ by serving Him in His Scripturally-baptized Churches.

Published by
The Historic Baptist
P. O. Box 741
Bloomfield, New Mexico 87413

(A ministry of Berea Baptist Church, Bloomfield, New Mexico)

Scripture Quotations are from the Authorized or King James Bible.



As this work goes to press, religious leaders from evangelical churches and the Roman Catholic Church have met in Columbia, South Carolina, and they have signed a declaration to put aside theological differences and cooperate on social issues. The declaration springs from the visit of Pope John Paul II seven years ago to South Carolina. This Pope urged religious leaders "to work for the unity of all Christians." This unity is not based, however, on both groups coming to a unified belief of what saves the soul. In fact the declaration acknowledges the difference and "discourages attempts by members of one of the communities to convert active members of the other." The press reported that members at West Columbia's First Baptist Church "were glad to hear of the recent agreement, especially the part calling for an end to trying to convert each other."

This declaration is just one example of the ecumenical thinking of our day and the effect that it is having on Baptist Churches. It is time for Baptists all across the world to speak out against unity that comes through the compromise of truth. True unity is based on the truth. Jesus said, "God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth." (John 4:24)

This work by Curtis Pugh is one such voice proclaiming that Christ established His church and that "the gates of hell" have not prevailed against it. He gives the testimony of history and Scripture to show that Christ's true church has existed in every age since its establishment during the ministry of our Lord. May others be encouraged by reading this work to join in the stand for truth. It is our prayer that Baptists will be strengthened and that others will be brought to the knowledge of the Lord's true church.

Michael McCoskey
Pastor, Beverly Manor Missionary Baptist Church
President, Illinois Missionary Baptist Seminary



Writing this book has been undertaken with a view to the glory of God, for the Bible says, "Unto him [God] be glory in the church by Christ Jesus throughout all ages..." (Eph. 3:21). Thus all things are rightfully dedicated to the glory of God.

Many Brothers and Sisters have helped by their interested encouragement concerning this project. Special appreciation goes to those whose criticism and counsel emboldened me to undertake such an endeavor. Many thanks to Baptist elders Milburn Cockrell, Richard Eckstein, Jarrell Huffman, Forrest Keener, Delbert Shults, and to my pastor, Michael McCoskey.

The membership of the Berea Baptist Church, Bloomfield, NM, under the leadership of their pastor, Brother Richard Eckstein, has undertaken the publication of this book. They are to be commended for their faithfulness and love of the truth as it is in Jesus Christ. My heartfelt gratitude goes out to each of them for their love, prayers and interest in this project.

Those many churches and individuals who faithfully support our mission efforts by prayer and financial help have my deepest gratitude and appreciation. Apart from travelling among these churches, this preacher would never have been able to visit the libraries he has visited or to learn the things he has learned. It is by means of these faithful ones that this book has come into being. Thank you!

I wish to express special appreciation to my wife, companion and best friend, Janet. She has helped me much in this project and has borne with me through many hours. Our younger daughter, Anna, has also helped much in this project. Their work in proofreading has been immeasurable.

This book is the result of time spent in the wee hours of the morning after other duties were done and in odd hours here and there over a period of several years. Any fault is mine.

Curtis Pugh
Carcross, Yukon Territory, Canada
April, 1994



This is not intended to be just another book on the church for preachers! Our purpose is to present the issues as they presently are and to provide concrete evidence as to the apostolic origin of true New Testament Baptist churches. This we have tried to do in a concise, readable and usable format. It is our desire that this little book be useful to every genuine lover of the truth.

This work is presented in four chapters to meet the Bible standard for establishing truth. Thus, as was commanded by the Old Testament Law of God (Deut. 17:6; 19:15), approved by the Lord Jesus Christ (Matt. 18:16), and set forth as sound procedure by our brother, Paul, "in the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be established," (2 Cor. 13:1).

After some necessary introductory considerations in chapter one, the three witnesses shall be presented as follows. THE FIRST WITNESS: in chapter two our Baptist forefathers shall testify as to their understanding of our origin. THE SECOND WITNESS: in chapter three our historic enemies shall attest the continual existence of churches founded on Baptist principles. THE THIRD WITNESS: in chapter four the Scriptures shall be examined as to the teachings and promises of the Son of God affecting His church and her ordinances. The Glossary is meant to be read as it has much information for the reader.

While the documentation introduced is not intended to be exhaustive, its cumulative effect should convince any sincere inquirer. Bible believers will be assured of the truth in that we will have met the Scriptural requirement of "two or three witnesses." May God give the reader grace to believe and understand the truth and then give him or her the grace needed to practice it! May God be pleased to bring His chosen people into the Lord's churches that they may serve Him "acceptably with reverence and godly fear," (Heb. 12:28).

This book is available in hardback ($13.50 - postpaid) from:
The Historic Baptist
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Bloomfield, New Mexico 87413
(A ministry of Berea Baptist Church, Bloomfield, New Mexico)

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