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Treatise of Church Discipline



1. Churches of the same faith and gospel order, so far as is necessary to communion; as they have all drank into and of one and the same spirit; as they are branches of one and the same body, and hold to one and the same head; and as they have one Lord, one faith, and one baptism: they therefore may, and ought to have and enjoy fellowship and a friendly intercourse together, as occasion may require and opportunity serve, in the discharge of those relative duties, which may tend to the mutual benefit and edification of the whole. I Cor. xii. 13. Eph. iv. 5. John xvii. 20?26. To mention a few.

2. They should be ready to assist one another, when required, in difficult cases.

3. Such as have ministerial gifts to spare, should be ready and willing to supply such as may be destitute. Cant. viii. 8.

4. Admit one another?s Members of regular standing, to transient communion, when opportunity may serve.

5. Dismiss and receive members to and from one another.

6. They should assist one another with money as well as advice, if need be, and in general perform all acts of kindness towards each other, as neighbouring, though distinct families or branches of the one great family and household of faith.

7. And lastly, they have fellowship and communion together, for their mutual benefit, in the social duties of an association.

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