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      This electronic edition of S. G. Yahn's History of the Churches of God in North America has been transcribed from a copy of the third edition. Thanks to Pastor Glenn E. Beatty for lending me his copy of the book for this purpose.

      Page numbers have been placed within square brackets, following the last complete word on the printed page. The range of pages in a chapter or section has been placed at the end of each. Where citations are not given for quotations, Scripture references are provided within square brackets. In the printed text, the names of Bible books are sometimes given in abbreviated form, and at other times in full; the latter has been preferred in the electronic edition.

      The following changes from the printed edition have been incorporated into the electronic edition:

p. 23: "The Testimony of a Hundred Witnesses" [ The Testimony of a Hundred Witnesses p. 39: Acts v. 38, 39: [ Acts 5:38, 39 p. 40: ministry" was [ ministry"--was p. 48: East Pennsylvania, number [ East Pennsylvania--number p. 51: indentified, [ identified, p. 59: worth remembering [ worth remembering. p. 71: Latshaw [ Latchaw p. 77: 2,000 [ two thousand 6,000 [ six thousand p. 107: "History of All the Religious Denominations in the United States." [ History of All the Religious Denominations in the United States. p. 109: viz., [ namely, p. 112: "History of Religious Denominations in the United States," [ History of Religious Denominations in the United States, p. 113: i. e., [ that is, p. 123: 500 [ five hundred p. 124: fifty thousand dollars [ $50,000 p. 125: sixty thousand dollars [ $60,000 p. 126: May 17 to 22, [ May 17th to 22nd,

      The order of entries in the Index has been improved. The illustrations in the printed text are on tipped-in pages; in the electronic edition, they have been incorporated within the text at appropriate places.

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