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      This electronic edition of this article has been transcribed from an electrostatic copy of the chapter in History of All the Religious Denominations in the United States. Thanks to Dr. Gene Crutsinger, Director of Library Services at Winebrenner Theological Seminary, for providing a copy of the printed text.

      The composition of the electronic edition differs from the printed edition in the following respects: (1) Greek words have been transliterated and set in boldface italics. (2) Lower case roman numerals used in Scripture citations have been changed to arabic numbers. (3) The abbreviations i.e., e.g. and viz. have been given as their English equivalents, "that is," "for example," and "namely," respectively. (4) Personal pronouns having Deity as their referent have been capitalized. (5) Current rules of American English have been followed in dealing with marks of punctuation. (6) Scripture references have been rendered in the Online Bible format. (7) Scripture references assigned as footnotes have been placed within parentheses in the body of the text. (8) Winebrenner places Scripture quotations both in footnotes and within the body of the text; all these have been placed within the text as block quotations for the sake of consistency. (9) Winebrenner both encloses Scripture references within parentheses and presents them following a comma separator; nearly all these references have been enclosed within parentheses and punctuated as being part of the sentence. (10) Footnotes are treated as end notes. (11) Most numbers not in tabular form have been spelled out. (12) Page numbers have been placed within square brackets, following the last complete word on the printed page. The range of pages in a chapter or section has been placed at the end of each file. (13) Where citations were not provided for quotations in the printed text, Scripture references have been given within square brackets.

      In addition, the following changes from the printed to the electronic editions have been adopted:

Printed Text [ Electronic Text ------------ --------------- p. 171: Menonist, [ Mennonist, p. 173: belonging to the Lord. [ "belonging to the Lord." By sinners, [ By "sinners," work;" [ work"; Liv. xvi. 33; [ Nu 16:33 p. 174: Tit. 1:5-5,) [ Tit 1:5,7) p. 175: ex-officio. [ ex-officio. p. 178: Matt. xxvi. [ Mt 26:16. p. 180: 16. Because [ 1Pe 1:16. Because p. 182: Pa. [ Pennsylvania Art. [ ARTICLE [30 occurrences] Vide "Brief View of the Formation, Government, and Discipline of the Church of God," [ See Brief View of the Formation, Government, and Discipline of the Church of God, p. 186: Society;) [ Society); p. 187: Ohio, (Indiana [ Ohio (Indiana Michigan,) [ Michigan), "The Church Advocate," [ The Church Advocate,

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