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hitchcock's bible names dictionary

Raamah, greatness; thunder; some sort of evil
Raamiah, thunder, or evil, from the Lord
Rabbah, great; powerful; contentious
Rabbi, Rabboni, my master
Rabmag, who overthrows or destroys a multitude
Rab-saris, chief of the eunuchs
Rab-shakeh, cup-bearer of the prince
Raca, worthless; good-for-nothing
Rachab, same as Rahab
Rachal, to whisper; an embalmer
Rachel, sheep
Raddai, ruling; coming down
Ragau, friend; shepherd
Raguel, shepherd, or friend of God
Rahab, proud; quarrelsome (applied to Egypt)
Rahab, large; extended (name of a woman)
Raham, compassion; a friend
Rakkath, empty; temple of the head
Rakkon, vain; void; mountain of enjoyment
Ram, elevated; sublime
Ramah, same as Ram
Ramath, Ramatha, raised; lofty
Ramathaim-zophim, the two watch-towers
Ramath-lehi, elevation of the jaw-bone
Ramath-mizpeh, elevation of the watch-tower
Ramiah, exaltation of the Lord
Ramoth, eminences; high places
Raphah, Raphu, relaxation; physic; comfort
Reaiah, vision of the Lord
Reba, the fourth; a square; that lies or stoops down
Rebekah, fat; fattened; a quarrel appeased
Rechab, square; chariot with team of four horses
Reelaiah, shepherd or companion to the Lord
Regem, that stones or is stoned; purple
Regemmelech, he that stones the king; purple of the king
Rehabiah, breadth, or extent, of the Lord
Rehob, breadth; space; extent
Rehoboam, who sets the people at liberty
Rehoboth, spaces; places
Rehum, merciful; compassionate
Rei, my shepherd; my companion; my friend
Rekem, vain pictures; divers picture
Remaliah, the exaltation of the Lord
Remmon, greatness; elevation; a pomegranate-tree
Remphan, prepared; arrayed
Rephael, the physic or medicine of God
Rephaiah, medicine or refreshment of the Lord
Rehpaim, giants; physicians; relaxed
Rephidim, beds; places of rest
Resen, a bridle or bit
Reu, his friend; his shepherd
Reuben, who sees the son; the vision of the son
Reuel, the shepherd or friend of God
Reumah, lofty; sublime
Rezeph, pavement; burning coal
Rezin, good-will; messenger
Rezon, lean; small; secret; prince
Rhegium, rupture; fracture
Rhesa, will; course
Rhoda, a rose
Rhodes, same as Rhoda
Ribai, strife
Riblah, quarrel; greatness to him
Rimmon, exalted; pomegranate
Rinnah, song; rejoicing
Riphath, remedy; medicine; release; pardon
Rissah, watering; distillation; dew
Rithmah, juniper; noise
Rizpah, bed; extension; a coal
Rogelim, a foot or footman
Rohgah, filled or drunk with talk
Romamti-ezer, exaltation of help
Roman, strong; powerful
Rome, strength; power
Rosh, the head; top, or beginning
Rufus, red
Ruhamah, having obtained mercy
Rumah, exalted; sublime; rejected
Ruth, drunk; satisfied

This dictionary is from Hitchcock's New  and  Complete Analysis  of  the Holy Bible, published in the late 1800's.  It contains more than 2,500 Bible and Bible related proper names and their meanings.  Some  Hebrew words of uncertain meaning have been left out.


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