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hitchcock's bible names dictionary

Taanach, who humbles thee; who answers thee
Taanach-shilo, breaking down a fig-tree
Tabbath, good; goodness
Tabeal, Tabeel, good God
Taberah, burning
Tabitha, clear-sighted; a roe-deer
Tabor, choice; purity; bruising
Tabrimon, good pomegranate; the navel; the middle
Tadmor, the palm-tree; bitterness
Tahan, beseeching; merciful
Tahapenes, secret temptation
Tahath, fear; going down
Tahpenes, standard; flight; temptation
Tahrea, anger; wicked contention
Talitha-cumi, young woman, arise
Talmai, my furrow; that suspends the waters; heap of waters
Tamah, blotting or wiping out; smiting
Tamar, palm; palm-tree
Tammuz, abstruse; concealed; consumed
Tanach, same as Taanach
Tanhumeth, consolation; repentance
Taphath, distillation; drop
Tappuah, apple; swelling
Tarah, a hair; a wretch; one banished
Taralah, searching out slander, or strength
Tarea, howling; doing evil
Tarpelites, ravishers; succession of miracles
Tarshish, contemplation; examination
Tarsus, winged; feathered
Tartak, chained; bound; shut up
Tartan, a general (official title)
Tatnai, that gives; the overseer of the gifts and tributes
Tebah, murder; butchery; guarding of the body; a cook
Tebaliah, baptism, or goodness, of the Lord
Tebeth, good, goodness (the tenth month of the Hebrews)
Tehinnah, entreaty; a favor
Tekel, weight
Tekoa, trumpet; that is confirmed
Telabib, a heap of new grain
Telah, moistening; greenness
Telassar, taking away; heaping up
Telem, their dew; their shadow
Telharsa, suspension of the plow
Tel-melah, heap of salt
Tema, admiration; perfection; consummation
Teman, Temani, the south; Africa; perfect
Terah, to breathe; scent; blow
Teraphim, images; idols
Tertius, third
Tertullus, third
Tetrarch, governor of a fourth part
Thaddeus, that praises or confesses
Thahash, that makes haste; that keeps silence
Thamah, that blots out; that suppresses
Tharah, same as Terah
Thebez, muddy; eggs; fine linen or silk
Thelasar, same as Telassar
Theophilus, friend of God
Thessalonica, victory against the Thessalians
Theudas, flowing with water
Thomas, a twin
Thummim, perfection; truth
Thyatira, a perfume; sacrifice of labor
Tibbath, killing; a cook
Tiberias, good vision; the navel
Tiberius, the son of Tiber
Tibni, straw; hay
Tidal, that breaks the yoke; knowledge of elevation
Tiglath-pileser, that binds or takes away captivity
Tikvah, hope; a little line; congregation
Tilon, murmuring
Timeus, perfect; admirable; honorable
Timnah, forbidding
Timnath, image; figure; enumeration
Timnath-heres, or Timnath-serah, image of the sun; numbering of the rest
Timon, honorable; worthy
Timotheus, honor of God; valued of God
Tiphsah, passage; leap; step; the passover
Tirhakah, inquirer; examiner; dull observer
Tiria, searching out
Tirshatha, a governor
Tirzah, benevolent; complaisant; pleasing
Tishbite, that makes captive
Titus, pleasing
Toah, weapon; dart
Tob, good; goodness
Tob-adonijah, my good God; the goodness of the foundation of the Lord
Tobiah, Tobijah, the Lord is good
Tochen, middle
Togarmah, which is all bone
Tohu, that lives; that declares
Toi, who wanders
Tola, worm; grub; scarlet
Tolad; a generation
Tophel; ruin; folly; without understanding
Tophet, a drum; betraying
Trachonitis, stony
Troas, penetrated
Trophimus, well educated; well brought up
Tryphena, delicious; delicate
Tryphon, masculine of Tryphena
Tryphosa, thrice shining
Tubal, the earth; the world; confusion
Tubal-cain, worldly possession; possessed of confusion
Tychicus, casual; by chance
Tyrannus, a prince; one that reigns
Tyre, Tyrus, strength; rock; sharp

This dictionary is from Hitchcock's New  and  Complete Analysis  of  the Holy Bible, published in the late 1800's.  It contains more than 2,500 Bible and Bible related proper names and their meanings.  Some  Hebrew words of uncertain meaning have been left out.


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