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A Memoir of James Petigru Boyce

John A. Broadus

"The Memoir of James P. Boyce by his loyal friend and colleague, John Broadus, contains a wealth of wisdom, practical theology and testimonies of God's providence in the life of one of prime shapers of early Southern Baptist life and thought. This book provides a wonderful portrait of a denominational statesman, pastor, theologian and educator." - Tom Ascol

"Solid Ground continues to publish books that are proven in their positive effect for the health of the church. This republication of Broadus's classic memoir of his beloved friend and colleague, James P. Boyce, has the potential to instruct and convict. Boyce loved theology. He committed his life to its instruction and particularly to the conserving of historic confessional, Calvinistic Baptist witness. His students loved, admired, and respected him for this and Broadus communicates both Boyce's passion and his students' appreciation clearly. Boyce loved preaching. None can evaluate his adeptness at it better than Broadus. Boyce had enough courage and clear conviction to protect the theological foundation of the school in the face of impending theological decline. Broadus tells this gripping story with manliness and poignancy. All lovers of truth within all evangelical denominations should welcome enthusiastically the appearance of this old book with a new and appropriate title: A Gentleman and a Scholar. Making these memories a part of our own experience can only uplift us and challenge us to be more attentive to the glory of God in our sphere of calling." - Tom J. Nettles

Long out of print, this hardcover volume promises to be a favorite especially among those who long to see the reformation of the Southern Baptist Convention

Publisher's Description:
"The term 'graceful' in its most basic sense of 'being full of grace' well applies to the life of James Petigru Boyce. God's grace gave him rich resources of theological wisdom as well as a winsome personality. These led to his becoming a key leader among the Southern Baptists, one who inspired others to embrace his deeply-held God-glorifying goals. As such, his was a life that profoundly shaped this Baptist community in the late nineteenth century and still speaks powerfully today of the importance and impact of a Christian life lived for the glory of Christ." - Michael A G Haykin

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