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by Richard Baxter



Preface By William Brown
Dedication By Richard Baxter
Introductory Note
Chapter 1 The Oversight Of Ourselves
    Section 1 – The Nature Of This Oversight
       Section 2 – The Motives To This Oversight
Chapter 2 The Oversight Of The Flock
Section 1 – The Nature Of This Oversight
Section 2 – The Manner Of This Oversight
Section 3 – Motives To The Oversight Of The Flock
Chapter 3 Application
Section 1a – The Use Of Humiliation
Section 2 – The Duty Of Personal Catechizing And Instructing The Flock Particularly Recommended
    Part I Motives To This Duty
   Article 1 Motives From The Benefits Of The Work
Article 2 Motives From The Difficulties Of The Work
Article 3 Motives From The Necessity Of The Work
Article 4 Application Of These Motives
Part II Objections To This Duty
Part III Directions For This Duty
Article 1 Directions For Bringing Your People To Submit To Instruction
Article 2 On Being Effective


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