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Discourse Upon

A N D - T H E
Wherein several great and weighty things are handled:
as, the nature of prayer, and of obedience to the law,
with how it obliges Christians, and wherein it consists.

Wherein is also shewed, the equally deplorable condition of the Pharisee,
or hypocritical and self-righteous man; and of the Publican, or sinner that lives in sin,
and in open violation of the Divine laws. Together with the way and method of God's
F R E E - G R A C E
in pardoning penitent sinners;
proving that He justifies them by imputing Christ's
righteousness to them.


By J O H N. B U N Y A N,

Advertisement by the Editor.

To the Reader.

  1. A Discourse Upon the Pharisee and Publican.

  2. The Pharisee's Prayer.

  3. There Are Several Things Flow From This Prayer of the Pharisee, that Are Worth Our Observation.

  4. Man's Righteousness Rejected, and the Imputed Righteousness of Christ Alone to be Relied on for Justification.

  5. The Publican's Prayer.

  6. The Publican Standing Afar Off, Would Not Lift Up So Much As His Eyes Unto Heaven.

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