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Originally Published in London, 1682 as Tropologia.

These articles are from Keach?s Tropologia,

London; edition of 1855,


Gathered and republished in 1998.

These articles are abridged, but not altered in any way to take from or add unto the Keach?s concepts. Keach included many statements dealing with secular items and other none spiritual concepts. These I have left out in an effort to reduce the size of the work and to keep our minds on the spiritual side of these wonderful truths


The Introduction.
A Short Account of the life of Benjamin Keach.
  1. The Church as Christ's Bride as a Virgin
  2. As a Wife
  3. As a Bush on Fire
  4. As a Candlestick
  5. As the City of God
  6. As a Dove
  7. As a Family or Household
  8. As a Flock of Sheep
  9. As a Garden
10.  As a House
11.  As an Inn
12.  As a Lily
13.  As the Moon
14.  As an Olive Tree
15.  As an Vine
16.  As an Merchant-ship
17.  As the Temple of God
18.  As a Vine
19.  The Ordinance of Baptism
20.  The Lord?s Supper
21.  Christ, Our Passover

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