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A Quiet Revolution
by Ernest C. Reisinger & D. Matthew Allen

What is the Southern Baptist Founders Conference?

The motive of the conference is to glorify God, honor His gospel, and strengthen His churches by providing encouragement to Southern Baptists in historical, biblical, theological, practical and ecumenical studies.

The purpose is to be a balanced conference in respect to doctrine and devotion expressed in the Doctrines of Grace and their experimental application to the local church, particularly in the areas of worship and witness. This is to be accomplished through engaging a variety of speakers to present formal papers, sermons, expositions, and devotions, and through the recommendation and distribution of literature consistent with the nature of the conference.

The theological foundation of the conference will be the Doctrines of Grace (election, depravity, atonement, effectual calling and perseverance) and specifically related truths. These subjects will be presented doctrinally, expositionally, homiletically, and historically. Each conference will concentrate on the experimental and pastoral application of the respective doctrines.

For seventeen years the Founders Conference has earned some credibility by operating within the parameters of the above statements as to purpose, goal and motive; this statement was put in black and white in Euless, TX on Nov. 13, 1982 and the Founders have not deviated from it. There has been no hidden agenda, no formal organization, nothing to join and no denominational politics. The purpose, which is to encourage pastors and churches to return to the doctrinal foundation of our first seminary as well as most of our Southern Baptist fathers, including Basil Manly and the first three presidents of the convention, has always been right up front for all these years.



The Need for Reformation in The Southern Baptist Convention

Describes the necessity of reformation.  How did we in the Southern Baptist Convention get to where we are today, given our glorious Reformed heritage?

The Beginnings of Reformation in The Southern Baptist Convention

Describes the beginnings of Southern Baptist life through the work of Founders Ministries.  How did the Founders Movement start?  What problems has it faced?

Walking Without Slipping:  Instructions for Local Church Reformation

Discusses the means of reformation.  How does God go about reforming a local church?  What kind of man does he use?  Where does true reformation begin?  What are the costs? 

Teaching Others to Walk

What tools will I have to use as I seek reformation in my church?

The Use of Creeds and Confessions In Local Church Reformation

Definition Of Creeds, Confessions Ond Catechisms
Do Baptists Have Creeds Or Confessions?
C. H. Spurgeon On Confessions
Creeds, Confessions And The Bible
The Value And Necessity Of A Confession
Dangers Of Creeds And Confessions
Beware Of Those Who Knock The Tried And Proven Creeds

To sum up, we long for the day when the God-centered doctrines of grace, proclaimed by a great cloud of witnesses - John Bunyan, George Whitefield, Honathan Edwards, Charles Spurgeon, James Boyce, Basil Manly, John Broadus, B. H. Carroll, William Carey, Adoniram Judson and Luther rice - thunder through America again.  An early English Baptist, Benjamin Keach, said long ago, "Reformation is a glorious work, and it is what we all long and breathe after."  Keach was right.  Reformation is a glorious work.  And it is a much-needed work.  It is the next Southern Baptist challenge.  May God be pleased to continue this quiet reformation in the Southern Baptist Convention and beyond!

May he continue opening the eyes of others, even as he opened our own!

Ernest C. Reisinger
D. Matthew Allen

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