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reisinger.gif (5400 bytes)Ernest Reisinger is pastor emeritus of Grace Baptist church in Cape Coral, Florida, and associate editor of The Founders Journal.   He has authored numberous books and pamplets, including Today's Evangelism, and Lord & Christ:  The Implications of Lordhsip for Faith and Life.


The second half of the twentieth century saw an impressive advance in the influence of Reformed theology, on the life of the Christian church worldwide. This book will open a window into the life of an `unsung hero' in this movement, Ernest C. Reisinger. One looks back in awe at his remarkable activity. From it have come missionaries, gospel ministers and strong pillars in numerous churches - all of whom have had in their hearts a fire of zeal for Christ ignited by his personal attention and ministry. Walter J. Chantry Author and Former Pastor of Grace Baptist Church, Carlisle, Pennsylvania Ernie Reisinger has been a mentor, friend and great encourager to me in the ministry. I thank the Lord for his influence in my life. Tom Ascol Pastor of Grace Baptist Church, Cape Coral, Florida, Executive Director of Founders' Ministries and Editor of Founders Journal

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A Quiet Revolution, by Ernest C. Reisinger & D. Matthew Allen
Worship, by Ernest C. Reisinger & D. Matthew Allen
The Lordship Debate, by Ernest C. Reisinger

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