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godchose.gif (10246 bytes)“In GOD CHOSE To Save, author Joseph M. Bianchi presents an irenic, easy-to-follow discussion of the nature of the gospel and the necessity of God's gracious act of divine election. By raising thematic issues (rather than lists of texts), Bianchi invites the reader to consider well the consistency of their own view of the gospel. This work will find its place among those books we offer to others who have sincere questions about what it means to be Reformed.”


pottersfreedom.jpg (8730 bytes)White's book THE POTTER'S FREEDOM (sure to become a classic) is a larger study (350 pages) defending the Reformed Faith, and is for the more voracious reader. It is  especially appropriate if you're giving it to someone more firmly entrenched in Arminian Theology who needs to be bombarded by more heavy artillery. This treatise was written as a rebuttal of Dr. Norman Geisler's recent work attacking the historic "Calvinistic" interpretation of God's Sovereignty in Election titled "Chosen But Free". White's new book is a must-have for those regularly engaged in friendly exchanges with the non-Reformed over the age-old "Calvinist vs. Arminian" debate, particularly since White rebuts some modern arguments against God's Sovereignty that may not appear in the old classic treatises in your library.

Here's a list of men of renown, from a wide spectrum of denominational backgrounds, who have wholeheartedly endorsed "THE POTTER'S FREEDOM":

R.C. Sproul, Jr., Jay Adams, Maurice J. Roberts, Kenneth L. Gentry, S. Lewis Johnson, Jonathan Gerstner, Joel Nederhood, Joel R. Beeke, Erwin Lutzer, George Grant, Douglas Wilson, Daniel Wallace, Nelson Kloostermann, Robert Reymond, Gary DeMar, Jim Renihan, Fred Zaspel, Ligon Duncan III, Phillip Johnson, Joey Pipa, Joseph C. Morecraft III, Fred Malone, Bill Ascol, Tom Ascol, Tom Nettles, Jim Elliff, Richard Phillips...and more!

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