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The Way of Faith
by Dr. Phil A. Newton
Pastor, South Woods Baptist Church

How does a person become a Christian? How do you answer this question? Some say that a moral life makes one a Christian. Others declare that joining a church or being baptized makes a person a Christian. Still others call for a person to "make a decision" or "pray the prayer" or "ask Jesus into your heart". While opinions may be important, the one vital think when speaking of one becoming a Christian is what does God say in His Word.

God has given His Word―the Bible―to reveal Himself, His purpose for man, and the way to know Him personally. Everything a person needs to know about becoming a Christian can be found in God's Word. As God gives a person understanding of the gospel (the good news of how God, in Christ, has provided salvation), then that person can come to genuine faith in Jesus Christ and, consequently, become a Christian.

The Way of Faith explains the Biblical teaching about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the way to faith in Him.  It is written by Dr. Phil Newton, pastor of the South Woods Baptist Church in Memphis, Tennessee.  This booklet can be used in both personal and group study for those interested in understanding the Biblical teaching of salvation in Christ.

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