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Ten Questions To Diagnos Your Spiritual Health
by Donald S. Whitney; 1991, 275 pp., Wolgemuth & Hyatt.
Reviewed by The Discerning Reader

There's a difference between being spiritually healthy and being spiritually busy. Don Whitney poses ten probing questions to help you evaluate your growth in important areas of your life. --The Discerning Reader

Most Christians desire a deeper walk with Christ. Many are pursuing activities geared to help them grow spiritually. But many believers wonder if they are really making progress. They're spiritually active, but are they spiritually healthy? Would Jesus look at their endeavors (prayer, church attendance, evangelism, Bible study, etc.) and pronounce them spiritually fit? Or does He have an altogether different set of criteria by which He measures their spiritual well-being?

Best-selling author Don Whitney (Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life) is no stranger to activities and disciplines designed to move believers toward a deeper relationship with Jesus. The ten probing questions Whitney poses in this book will help readers look beyond their spiritual activity to assess the true state of their spiritual health. His questions cut to the heart of the matter: Is the reader's character becoming more like Christ's?

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