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The Reformed Reader does not necessarily endorse any and all information found on these sites or any link from these sites. Every Christian is to exercise discernment in judging what is and is not appropriate and biblically acceptable information. This is entirely a resource tool and should be used as such.

This page will be an on-going project of The Reformed Reader in order to provide Christians with information profitable for their understanding of the Reformed and Baptist faith.

Unfortunately, from time to time, links will either be changed or discontinued.  If you notice a link that is incorrect, please notify Sam Hughey.

Historic Baptist Sites



Reformed Baptist Church Directory

Puritan Links



Reformed Resources


Reformed Schools/Seminaries (Baptist and non-Baptist)



The Spurgeon Archive

The Largest collection of Spurgeon's works on the Internet. The complete indexes of all Spurgeon's published sermons and The Treasury of David! Charles Haddon Spurgeon (1834-92) was England's best-known preacher for most of the second half of the nineteenth century.

The Founders On-Line

Founders ONLINE is the web site of Founders Ministries, a ministry of teaching and encouragement that seeks to promote both doctrine and devotion expressed in the Doctrines of Grace and their experiential application to the local church, particularly in the areas of worship and witness. Founders Ministries takes as its theological framework the first recognized confession of faith that Southern Baptists produced, The Abstract of Principles. We desire to encourage the return to and promulgation of the biblical gospel that our Southern Baptist forefathers held dear.


At What Price Truth

This ministry is NEW and is committed to the reading of books that will change and impact lives. God centered, Christ exalting. The Doctrines of Grace proclaimed by authors such as C. H. Spurgeon, A.W. Pink, John Bunyan and other Puritan writers. I also include writers of today who fearlessly battle for truth, travelling the "old paths" in the steps of the "giants" of the faith in other times. Smaller writings addressing today's needs are also available. The words I read are not my own but rather the words of the ones called to write them. I am pursuaded that I have been called to read these books on cassette tape for the busy commuters and those perhaps whose eyesight is not what it used to be. I read for the edification and encouragement of the Body of Christ and to the glory of the heavenly Father. - Shirley Cole


Editora Fiel (Faithful Publishers), Christian Literature Advance

Editora FIEL (Faithful Publishers) is a Brazilian-based literary outreach established by 48 year Missionary, James Richard Denham, Jr.  Since its inception in 1967, FIEL has translated and published in Portuguese more than 120 English titles.  Its focus is on Reformed literature, seeking to treat contemporary trends in Brazilian church and society with the best of warm, experimental Calvinism.



For Family Reformation

Family Reformation Ministries is an educational institution that strives to communicate these truths to families. If families will embrace God's prescript for truth, the Church will be strengthened and society changed.



Reformed Baptist Church Directory

A directory of international Reformed Baptist Churches.  Church names, addresses, pastors, email, websites and some with a brief description.  Fast locating index and local maps for further direction. This is a large file and can take up to a minute to open with slow modems.




Grace to Russia
Grace to Russia is a ministry of Grace Baptist Church of Fremont, California, USA, and is under the supervision of its officers and members.  Grace to Russia identifies, translates, and distributes Christian literature to the Russian speaking peoples of the former Soviet Union. All titles are given out free of charge. Our primary focus, however, is to help pastors and teachers better “equip the saints for the work of ministry”.


Christ's Covenant Baptist Church
Georgi Viazovski, Pastor - Sermon Index
Christ's Covenant Baptist Church of Minsk, Belarus, is the first Reformed Baptist church in the former Soviet Union. Opening in 1995 with seven in attendance, the church has grown to 38 members with many others coming regularly and showing keen interest in the Gospel. The church is a happy mixture of young and old. Some were victims of the Soviet system; others came to Christ in the freedom more recently enjoyed. The former provide stability; the latter add enthusiasm.


Monergism, Romania



Welcome to Deaf Sermons and ASL Sermons! We are glad that you visit our website. Our desire is to reach the deaf and hearing in the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, in American Sign Language (ASL).

If you are looking for an all deaf church, we welcome you to worship with us.




A Puritan's Mind (Don't skip the intro, it's worth the wait)

The Puritan era has been the most godly and pious age since the birth of the early church and the apostles.  God had, for His own sovereign purposes, decreed to bless His church with men like Augustine, Chrysostom, Aquinas, and others.   But the wealth of knowledge He poured upon the Puritan divines to exegete and apply the Scriptures to the lives of men is unsurpassed.  When the regenerated Christian mind is filtered by the writings of the Puritans, he cannot but come away with a Puritan's mind. Here theology and practice meet hand in hand. 

Fire And Ice

Puritan and Reformed sermons and other writings, many in modern language. Authors include Jonathan Edwards, Richard Baxter, Samuel Rutherford, and many others.




South Woods Bookstore

Reformed Baptist Academic Press

Grace and Truth Books

Founders Ministries


Reformation Art

We provide photographic quality reproductions of artwork from the Presbyterian and Reformed tradition.  We hope you are edified by this site.  Please use the navigation bar at the left to browse the prints which are categorized by country.  All prints are 11"x14" in size.  Other sizes are available upon request.





Christian Resources

Christian Resources is a non-profit teaching, apologetics and publishing ministry dealing with issues related to Roman Catholicism, Eastern Orthodoxy, the Gospel, Church history and the Christian life. The ministry is dedicated to the teaching and proclamation of the Gospel, a biblical and historical defense of the teachings of the Reformation and the discipling of believers in their Christian walk.

The Director and Founder of Christian Resources is William Webster


Reformed Baptist Radio Ministries

Reformed evangelistic radio ministry Gracia, Verdad y Vida (Grace, Truth and Life)
Production studios located at Dénia, Alicante.
Website with weekly programmes at
Contact: Ruben Sarrion Tel: 0034 607868787 or my London ‘phone: 020 3239 1612 if calling from the U.K.
SKYPE: rubensarrion




BorderStone Press
At BorderStone, we are committed to publishing high-quality dissertations and academic writings in book form, and actively seek doctoral candidate and degree-seeking candidates at quality Christian institutions of higher learning.

A borderstone (or boundary stone) was a marker in the ancient world that a person was not allowed to move. See proverbs 22:8, 23:10; Deuteronomy 27:17; 19:14. The goal of BorderStone Press, LLC is to print high quality work, which primarily reflects a conservative, evangelical, biblical worldview. The company’s mission is to inspire Christians to live out their faith and produce good fruit in all aspects of life. We are an Arkansas limited liability company.


Alethia Publications
We print God’s Word and have translated portions of it for the Indian sub-continent. We exist to make “disciples of all nations,” and are focused on disseminating biblical truth through the written word, and endeavor to make Christian books available in the local languages through translation work.

We are also committed to training and equipping local Christian leaders with solid biblical material that they in turn can teach and help their own flocks become more Christ-like through discipleship.
Welcome to ‘Who made God?’, a website dedicated to Professor Edgar Andrews’ book of that name and also seeking to answer unanswerable questions about God, science and the Bible.




Reformed Baptist Church Directory

An international list of churches that are Reformed/Baptist.



Reformed Baptist School of Theology Correspondence Courses

This prospectus sets forth a Reformed Baptist view of the foundations of theological training. The prospectus then lays out the practical method used by the Reformed Baptist Church of Grand Rapids in implementing those principles. If you are curious about pastoral and theological training in a Reformed Baptist context, this prospectus is for your reading.

Please read the Prospectus:  Here

The Institute of Reformed Baptist Studies

The Institute of Reformed Baptist Studies (IRBS) has been established under the oversight of ARBCA. Both ARBCA and IRBS represent confessional Baptist churches subscribing to the London Baptist Confession of Faith of 1689.

Our institute has been organized to operate in close cooperation with Westminster Theological Seminary in California, a confessional seminary. ARBCA will provide academically qualified professors with considerable pastoral experience to teach our courses on the campus of Westminster at Escondido.

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