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George Whitefield

(1714-1770) He was a firm Calvinist in his theology yet unrivaled as an aggressive evangelist. Though a clergyman of the Church of England, he cooperated with and had a profound impact on people and churches of many traditions, including Presbyterians, Congregationalists, and Baptists. Whitefield, along with the Wesleys, inspired the movement that became known as the Methodists. Whitefield preached more than 18,000 sermons in his lifetime, an average of 500 a year or ten a week. Many of them were given over and over again. Fewer than 90 have survived in any form.



1. The Seed of the Woman and the Seed of the Serpent
02. Walking with God
03. Abraham Offering Up His Son Isaac
04. The Great Duty of Family-Religion
05. Christ, the Best Husband: or, An Earnest Invitation to Young Women to Come and See Christ
06. Britain's Mercies, and Britain's Duty
07. Thankfulness for Mercies Received, A Necessary Duty
08. The Necessity of Benefits of Religious Society
09. The Folly and Danger of Not Being Righteous Enough
10. A Preservative Against Unsettled Notions, and Want of Principles, in Regard to Righteousness and Christian Perfection
11. The Benefits of an Early Piety
12. Christ, the Believer's Husband
13. The Potter and the Clay
14. The Lord Our Righteousness
15. The Righteousness of Christ, an Everlasting Righteousness
16. The Observation of the Birth of Christ, the Duty of All Christians; or the True Way of Keeping Christmas
17. The Temptation of Christ
18. The Heinous Sin of Profane Cursing and Searing
19. Christ, the Support of the Tempted
20. Worldly Business No Plea for the Neglect of Religion
21. Christ, the Only Rest for the Weary and Heavy Laden
22. The Folly and Danger of Parting with Christ for the Pleasures and Profits of Life
23. Marks of a True Conversion
24. What Think Ye of Christ?
25. The Wise and Foolish Virgins
26. The Eternity of Hell-Torments
27. Blind Bartimeus
28. Directions, How to Hear Sermons
29. The Extent and Reasonableness of Self-Denial
30. Christ's Transfiguration
31. The Care of the Soul Urged as the One Thing Needful
32. A Penitent Heart, the Best New Year's Gift
33. The Gospel Supper
34. The Pharisee and the Publican
35. The Conversion of Zaccheus
36. The Marriage of Cana
37. The Duty of Searching the Scriptures
38. The Indwelling of the Spirit, the Common Privilege of all Believers
39. The Resurrection of Lazarus
40. The Holy Spirit Convincing the World of Sin, Righteousness, and Judgment
41. Saul's Conversion
42. Marks of Having Received the Holy Ghost
43. The Almost Christian
44. Christ, the Believer's Wisdom, Righteousness, Sanctification, and Redemption
45. The Knowledge of Jesus Christ the best Knowledge
46. Of Justification by Christ
47. The Great Duty of Charity Recommended
48. Satan's Devices
49. On Regeneration
50. Christians, Temples of the Living God
51. Christ the only Preservative Against a Reprobate Spirit
52. The Heinous Sin of Drunkenness
53. The Power of Christ's Resurrection
54. Intercession, Every Christian's Duty
55. Persecution Every Christian's Lot
56. An Exhortation to the People of God not to be Discouraged in their Way, by the Scoffs and Contempt of Wicked Men
57. Preached Before the Governor and Council, and the House of Assembly, in Georgia, on January 28, 1770
58. The Method of Grace
59. The Good Shepherd
60. Soul Prosperity
61. Repentance and Conversion
62. All Men's Place
63. A Parting Minister's Blessing

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