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Kabwata Baptist Church
12045 Chilimbulu Road, Libala Stage 1,

We believe in the 1689 Confession of faith. We have have about 13 ministries. We do meet every year August for the Reformed Conference.

Kambule Reformed Baptist Church
Box K 100, Mongu, Zambia
260 7 221237, 097429521

The Kambule Reformed Baptist Church came into being in July 1999 after a felt need became a reality in Western Zambia. Hither to, no credible Reformed work was known in these areas. We espouse the reformed Doctrines as enshrined in the 1689 Baptist Church and are a daughter church of the Lusaka Baptist Church. We meet every Lord's day from 08:30 hrs to 17 hrs for prayer, divine service and youth fellowship. In the week, we host a prayer meeting, Bible study and evangelistic door to door outreach. On Wednesdays and Saturdays, we are on a Community radio where we offer the sermon of the week as well as a discussion. This is our fourth year of airing non stop. In terms of Ministries, we have the following: 1.Youth fellowship 2.Prison Ministry 3.Evangelism (though a way of life) 4.Radio Ministry 5.Book shop (currently not functional) 6. Conference Ministry (July) 7. Annual youth Camp Ministry( Easter holiday) We currently meet in a Public Hall as we do not have a structure of our own. Funds permitting, we intend to build as we already have a small piece of land. Currently, only one elder exists but a number of functional members exist.

Lusaka Baptist church
22 Kasangula Road, Roma
002601 250014

Trinity Baptist Church
P.O. Box 22967
Kitwe, Copperbelt Province 10101
+260 2 220 451

Based on the 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith

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