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Robert George Torbet (1912-Present), Torbet, a seminary dean, professor, and historian, is a native of Spokane, Washington. Advanced studies have led him to degrees from Wheaton College, the Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary, and the University of Pennsylvania. During the past thirty years, he has served or the faculty of the Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary (1934-1951), and on the American Baptist Board of Education and Publications (editor and department director, 1951-1958), and on the faculty of Central Baptist Theological Seminary (Professor of Church History and Dean, 1958-Present). Torbet is a member also of several historical societies. Besides serving on the Board of Education and Publications, he has also served as President of the American Baptist Convention (1965-1966). Although Torbet has produced several historical works, chief source for this study is A History of the Baptists.

According to Robert G. Torbet three classifications of Baptist theories of origin have emerged in Baptist historiography:

(1) the successionist theory
(2)the Anabaptist spiritual kinship theory
(3) the English Separatist descent theory.

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