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Henry C. Vedder (1853-1935), was born in DeRuyter, New York.  The historian, seminary professor, editor, and theologian, spent most of his life in New England. He received college training at the University of Rochester and a seminary education at Rochester Theological Seminary. He served in editorial capacity with The Examiner (a New York Baptist newspaper) for eighteen years (1876-1894) and the Baptist Quarterly Review for seven years (1885-1892). Upon his retirement as professor of church history at Crozer Theological Seminary (1894-1926), he joined the editorial staff of the Chester Times, Chester, Pennsylvania (1929-1935). Most of the approximately dozen books he wrote were devoted to historical problems. The volume in which he best delineated his position on the origin of Baptists was "A Short History of the Baptists", in 1907 while a member of the American Baptist Convention.  Vedder inexplicably has  problems with pinpointing Baptism by immersion in history which is probably the reason why he is ignored by Cathcart.

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