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God's Will, Man's Will and Free Will

by Ernest C. Reisinger


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God's Will

Man's Will


Free Will


Ernest C. Reisinger



Much thanks to Carol Brandt for corrections, suggestions, and encouragements.

To the wife of my youth and Barb Reisinger for all of their computer-work.


Author's Note

Anyone is at liberty to use material from this book with or without credit.  In preparing this book the writer has received help from many sources, some acknowledged and many unacknowledged.  He believes the material herein set forth to be a true statement of Scripture teaching, and his desire is to further, not restrict, its use.





1.  Free Will and Man's Four-fold State
       (Part One)

2.  Free Will and Man's Four-fold State
       (Part Two)

3.  Free Will and Free Agency

4.  Free Will and the Antinomy

5.  Related Doctrines

6.  The Human Will and Doctrinal Decline



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