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hitchcock's bible names dictionary

Laadah, to assemble together; to testify; passing over
Laadan, for pleasure; devouring; judgment
Laban, white; shining; gentle; brittle
Labana, the moon; whiteness; frankincense
Lachish, who walks, or exists, of himself
Lael, to God; to the mighty
Lahad, praising; to confess
Lahairoi, who liveth and seeth me
Lahmam, their bread; their war
Lahmi, my bread; my war
Laish, a lion
Lamech, poor; made low
Laodicea, just people
Lapidoth, enlightened; lamps
Lasea, thick; wise
Lashah, to call; to anoint
Lazarus, assistance of God
Leah, weary; tired
Lebanon, white, incense
Lebaoth, lividness
Lebbeus, a man of heart; praising; confessing
Lebonah, same as Labana
Lehabim, flames; inflamed; swords
Lehi, jawbone
Lekah, walking; going
Lemuel, God with them, or him
Leshem, a name; putting; a precious stone
Letushim, hammermen; filemen
Leummim, countries; without water
Levi, associated with him
Libnah, white; whiteness
Libni, same as Libnah
Libya, the heart of the sea; fat
Linus, net
Lo-ammi, not my people
Lod, nativity; generation
Lois, better
Lo-ruhamah, not having obtained mercy; not pitied
Lot, Lotan, wrapt up; hidden; covered; myrrh; rosin
Lubin, heart of a man; heart of the sea
Lucas, Lucius, luminous; white
Lucifer, bringing light
Lud, Ludim, same as Lod
Luhith, made of boards
Luke, luminous; white
Luz, separation; departure; an almond
Lycaonia, she-wolf
Lydda, Lydia, a standing pool
Lysanias, that drives away sorrow
Lysias, dissolving
Lysimachus, scattering the battle
Lystra, that dissolves or disperses

This dictionary is from Hitchcock's New  and  Complete Analysis  of  the Holy Bible, published in the late 1800's.  It contains more than 2,500 Bible and Bible related proper names and their meanings.  Some  Hebrew words of uncertain meaning have been left out.


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