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For the most part, biographies are from William Cathcart's Baptist Encyclopedia, 1881, copyright 1880.  As this work progresses, all biographies will come entirely from this publication.  Please feel free to re-produce all non-copyrighted work.  A mention of The Reformed Reader will be greatly appreciated for others to visit but is not required.



Jabez Burns
John Bunyan
John A. Broadus
Walter H. Brooks
James P. Boyce
John Clarke
W. O. Carver
William Colgate
Benajah H. Carroll
W. T. Conner
Oliver Cromwell
John L. Dagg
Thomas Dungan

A. B. Earle
Andrew Fuller
Richard Furman
John Gano
John Gill
Thomas Helwys
Balthasar Hubmaier
Herschel Hobbs
Robert B. C. Howell
Jeremiah B. Jeter
William Johnson
Benjamin Keach
Robert G. Lee
John Leland
Basil Manly, Sr.
E. Y. Mullins
Jesse Mercer
Patrick H. Mell
Asahel Nettleton
John Newton
Thomas Patient
James Pendleton
Arthur T. Pierson
H. W. Robinson
W. Rauschenbusch
William B. Riley
Luther Rice
Menno Simons
James M. Simms
Charles Spurgeon
John Smyth
Augustus H. Strong
Francis Wayland
Isaac Watts
Octavius Winslow



Thomas Armitage
Isaac Backus
David Benedict
Thomas Crosby
John Callender
William Cathcart
John Corner
Samuel H. Ford
James R. Graves

Joseph Ivimey

N.H. Pius
John Rippon
Robert B. Semple
Robert G. Torbet
Henry C. Vedder
J.A. Wylie

Annie Armstrong
William Carey

John Eliot

Christmas Evans
Fannie Heck
Renold Hogg
Adoniram Judson
Anne H. Judson

Lottie Moon
William Knibb

John Ryland, Jr.


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